Sunday, March 6, 2016

Stan Lee's Hero Cinematic Command Trailer

During my time at F84 Games, I spent a good few months working on a cinematic trailer for Stan Lee's Hero Command (IOS/Android game).  It's so cool to see it out online now!

It's wierd - I've worked for 3 years and for all that time there's not much that I can show for it.  Things just haven't been released yet!  Even the stuff I'm working on now at DreamWorks won't be seen for a couple of years!  It's nice to see some work come out of the void for once :P.

For this trailer, I was responsible for:

- Previs/Story
- Animation
- Rendering
- Simulations/Technical Tools
- Helped composite.

It was a huge challenge but really cool to work on.  That last shot took SO long... I literally had to split it up into like 3 different Maya scenes.  I see so much that can be improved animation-wise but I still think it turned out pretty well!


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