Thursday, April 24, 2014

Gunshot - Blocking WIP 3

More updates!  I might have to slow down the second shot a bit during the fall... Happens pretty quickly.  Thanks to Isabelle for some awesome feedback (I say this like I have more followers :P).

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Drawing Progress

One of the things I really like about drawing is you get better at it pretty consistently as you practice.  I guess this happens with most things, but I'd argue that this connection is SUPER apparent with drawing.

Like I've said in previous posts - I'm drawing poses on a daily basis for practice.  A little over a month ago I drew these beauties:

And today I drew these:

It's funny - I keep cringing at things I've done a week or two ago.  I'm probably going to delete this post because I'll cringe at what I consider 'good' now is going to be garbage in a week.  

Progress FTW!

Gunshot - Blocking WIP 2

I finally managed to get my embedded videos to display at higher resolutions (w00t!).

Also, here's a pretty great pose I happened to 'find' in my animation (this is meant to be sarcastic FWIW - Her neck is quite broken):

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Gunshot - Blocking WIP 1

In order to practice using my thumbnails to help my animation process, I've started on an acting bit where a mother takes a child's game too seriously.  Here's where I'm at with the blocking:

I personally think the ending need a lot of work (with the mother throwing her son up in the air).  I'll be posting more updates as I continue!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Using 2D to help with 3D!

Props to Isabelle for sending this to me!

This is a progression shot from disney animator Daniel Peixe.  It's very helpful because it really shows how you can use 2D to plan out your shots in 3D (which can be cumbersome).  I find it interesting how he says in the description that he " use[s] 2d animated rough tests a lot in [his] workflow , specially for a broad cartoony shot like this one.".  So my guess is Daniel really benefits with 2D animation the more exaggerated the poses are, which makes sense because that stuff is probably hard to use video reference for (you can only 'squash' your face so much :P).

Very cool stuff.

Oh and I'm doing more life drawing to try and get better at thumbnailing.  PROOF:

Not sure what's happening with her left hand :|
One of these days I'm gonna post my drawing progress.  I'm nowhere near good now but my first drawings are really funny.